bad blue hill

... on a long long road ...

about bbh

bad blue hill is a rock project, located in graz, austria.

new music will be released before summer 2022, stay tuned!

after the release of the first three singles - long long road, shadows of a man and covered - bad blue hill released their debut album "on a long long road" on october 29, 2021.

in addition to the meanwhile well known songs, you will find several new releases that are each telling their own stories. stories with lyrics taken from life, underlaid with catchy melodies, paired with rocking guitar sounds.

bad blue hill started already in 2009 as a little live-cover band in graz, austria, later the bandleader began producing own songs.
the band had to quit meanwhile but should restart again as a solo/studio project by its founder. new songs will still be produced - so, stay tunded! more to follow shortly!

the debut/studio album "on a long long road" was released on october 29, 2021

this music is are already out and on air on several stations:

good again: released on june 10, 2022

album: on a long long road: released on october 29, 2021

covered: released on october 8, 2021

shadows of a man: released on september 17, 2021

long long road: released on august 27, 2021